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EX Reducer

  • A complete series covering a 100W to 55kW range
    To meet requirements of customers in every field of application, we have completed a series of products to cover a 100W to 55kW range. Our standardized reducers cover an output torque range from 0.6kgf . m for small capacity machines to 6,200kgf . m for large machines.

  • Standard reduction ratios ranging from 1/6 to 1/658503
    In our standardized series, the single reduction type provides standard reduction ratios from 1/6 to 1/87 and the double reduction type standard reduction ratios from 1/121 to 1/7569. We can meet the requirement for a higher reduction ratio by offering a three-stage type capable of realizing an ultrahigh reduction ratio of 1/658503.

  • High reduction ratios and compact size
    The inner planetary gear mechanism enables a reduction ratio of as high as 1/87 to be realized by the single reduction with a compact size, multi-stage reduction types such as the double and triple reduction types are standardized.

  • Ultra long life realized by the tooth form of our own creative invention
    For our reducers, a unique tooth form inner planetary gear mechanism is adopted. A long life tooth form that is free from tooth breakage and suffers only slight wear makes the reducer extremely reliable. In addition, it is excellent in all aspects of power, life, efficiency, vibration, and quietness.

  • Tooth form precision at the world's top level
    Indexing machining of gears and carrier pin holes that are most important in a precision gear mechanism is carried out with ultra precision, and gears arefinished with a tooth form pitch error of only a few micron, amazing precision. This results in ideal engaged motion and hence very small noise, vibration, and heating.

  • High efficiency of over 90%
    The single reduction type exhibits high efficiency of over 90% in average because power loss is thoroughly reduced by high tooth form efficiency, reduced slip resistance of the transmission gear due to precision machining and introduction of new technology, and enhanced lubrication. As the reduction ratio becomes higher with an increasing number of stages, the difference in efficiency becomes more remarkable in comparison with reducers of other systems.

  • Easy maintenance
    The robust and long life design has realized maintenance-free products in the small size lineup. A very low parts count makes maintenance easier.

  • Service network
    Our domestic service networks, overseas offices and factories, including major distributors in various countries, serve our customers both in sales and services. We have developed reliable service networks everywhere.


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