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Drive Low voltage
General Purpose Cast Iron Motors

M2000 Range

ABB M2000  

Technical Features
The new M2QA series of three phase induction motors are a member of the ABB M2000 family with EU efficiency class. The motors are designed and manufactured according to the international standards of IEC34, IEC72, DIN432673, BS4999, AS1359, GB10069, and Q/JBQS27. The electrical and mechanical performances of ABB M2QA motors are excellent and keeping long.

High efficiency
The output power 1.1kw-90kW 2P and 4P, in S1 duty, M2QA motors are among the class 2 of CEMEP-EU standard, saving energy and operating costs.

Voltage ranges of extra versatility
A wide rage of voltages can be up to max. 690 V for 50 Hz and 60 Hz available.

Reliable windings
To ensure long lifetime, the windings are made of the latest available materials in class F protection and temperature rise limited to class B (80k) in standard motors.

Motors for EU motor efficiency levels

Anew Europe-wide agreement will ensure that the efficiency levels of electric motors manufactured in Europe are clearly displayed. In contrast to the American legislation on motor efficiency the European agreement dose not establishes mandatory efficiency levels. It basically establishes three classes giving motor manufacturers an incentive to qualify for a higher class.

ABB is one of only a handful of leading motor manufactures in Europe, to have a motor range to meet or exceed the minimum efficiencies stated in the highest level of EU agreement of LV motors.

Bearings with high load capacity
All motors are provided with deep-groove ball bearings as standard and they are designed for long lifetime is extended, cast iron motors in sizes 71-225 are greased for life and motors in sizes 250-355 have a regreasing device as a standard.

Strong corrosion protection
The motors are made to withstand aggressive environ as standard and they are designed for long lifetime. For motors with regreasing possibilityment. They have strong and effective protection against corrosion.

Low noise level
An important objective in our designwork is to minimize the noise level. Ane we have been successful.

Additional widings protection
Fix thermistors(PTC), them-switches Anti condensation heaters on request.

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