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                     LEESON PMDC Motor 



IEC Frame
NEMA Frame
Small Frame

LEESON PMDC Motor Features
  • Designed and manufactured to IEC 34-1 and NEMA MG1 (USA) mechanical and electrical standards

  • Available in IP 54, 44 and 23 enclosures with IEC B3, B5, B14 mounting provisions. Also available in NEMA (USA) footed, face and flange mountings as well as a wide variety of special and custom mountings.

  • Thyristor motors in frames 71 through 112 have provisions for mounting a variety of B5 and B14 flange or faces and B3 bases. Tachometer mounting provisions are also standard on each motor with adaptor packages for a variety of tachometers.

  • IEC motors have imperial fasteners.

  • Recognized by underwriters Laboratories (USA) component approval program, file number E57948, guide number PRGY2, and by Canadian Standards Association, file number LR33543

  • Full-fact metal rating plate lists is a permanent record of motor data. Thyristor motors have dual kW ratings listing 1,05 and 1,40 form factor output capability and full load DC amperage for each kW rating.

  • Steel frames with rugged high-pressure cast 380 alloy aluminum machined endshields, with steel bearing seat inserts (IEC71 and larger) for precision alignment and bearing life, accurate brush tracking and maximum motor life.

  • Ceramic permanent magnet field, ferrite type, operate cooler and more efficiently than do wound field motors. Four pole designs used in larger ratings. Designed for ambient temperature range of -20C to 40C

  • IEC frame motors have a terminal board in a cast, gasketed terminal housing. Larger low voltage motors have machined studs for connections. jSmaller motors have high temperature leads.

  • Precision dynamically balanced armatures for quiet, smooth operation.

  • Class F & H insulation materials used throughout with fusion welded, molded commutators for dimensional stability.

  • Oversized brushes, accessible without disassembly of the motor, with integral constant pressure springs and bi-directional brush holders assure longer service before maintenance -- up to four times that of other DC motors. Four brushes are used in larger low voltage motors.

  • Reversible by interchanging armature connections and capable of dynamic braking for faster stopping.

  • Sealed or shielded, permanently lubricated, selected electric motor grade ball bearings ar used for quiet operation and long life.


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